Can Invisalign Fix Your Bite?

In this article we discuss how clear aligners like Invisalign can help fix an underbite without surgery.

Can Invisalign Fix Your Bite?

If your underbite is due to an incorrect tooth position, Invisalign clear aligners will most likely be able to treat it. If the lower bite is caused by a skeletal problem, such as having an excessively large lower jaw, a surgical option along with Invisalign or traditional orthodontics is a better treatment option. Yes, Invisalign treatment aligners can correct certain types of lower bites. Severe underbites sometimes require additional treatment options, including surgery to correct the position of the jaw.

Invisalign can also work for class 3 underbites when combined with other treatment plans. Studies show that there is no significant difference between braces and Invisalign in the effectiveness of orthodontics. Both clear aligners and orthopedic appliances were effective in treating malocclusion, including underbite. Yes, Invisalign clear aligners can repair some lower bites. Severe underbites may require treatment with Invisalign combined with surgery.

We can help you find an experienced Invisalign doctor who can show you what Invisalign treatment can do for you. Why does a lower bite have to be fixed? With current technology, lower bites can be fixed extremely easily with both traditional metal braces and Invisalign. Both treatments will stop pain that may be associated with an underbite. They can also prevent serious jaw problems from occurring in the future, as well as facilitate daily movements, such as eating or breathing. Both underbites and overbites are among the many tooth alignment problems that Invisalign can correct.

However, in extreme cases, a lower bite may require Invisalign plus additional treatment, such as surgery. Invisalign clear aligners are an effective treatment option for lower bites. In many cases, aligners can be used for underbite correction. Invisalign aligners can move the lower teeth backwards so that they are placed behind the front teeth. These aligners are virtually invisible and removable.

They are a popular choice for people who don't want other people to notice them. The aligners are comfortable and can be removed before eating. Invisalign is a discreet, comfortable and comfortable treatment option that facilitates underbite repair without surgery. Other times, treatment may include extractions or surgery, as well as orthodontic or Invisalign treatment. Any patient considering Invisalign should schedule a consultation with their dentist to determine if they are a candidate for treatment. Matthew Milestone from Milestone Orthodontics is here to explain what braces and Invisalign fix when it comes to underbites and provide some reasons why a person with an underbite should seek orthodontic treatment. Understanding some of the variations makes it easier to understand why some conditions respond better to Invisalign than others.

If you are approved for treatment, your Invisalign doctor will create a treatment plan to achieve your desired results. Treatment with Invisalign clear aligners can stop progression or prevent the development of many problems. As an expert in using Invisalign, you can offer all forms of treatment with Invisalign, including full treatment, Invisalign Teen and Invisalign Express. The length of treatment with Invisalign will depend on the severity, the level of misalignment, and your willingness to keep the braces in place for about 22 hours a day. If the underbite is caused by your teeth, Invisalign will be able to solve your problem effectively.

On average, treatment time with Invisalign is 12 to 18 months, and patients can begin to see results within two weeks. During treatment with Invisalign, the patient wears transparent, removable plastic aligner trays that gently guide the teeth into the desired alignment. In addition to treating adults, doctors with a star on their icon also treat teens with Invisalign clear aligners.

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